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at -60~-100°C. Among them, the super rubber with stable service in the temperature range of -196~1000°C has expanded the service temperature of the existing rubber materials by thousands of degrees, and won the seventh "Iijima Award" in 2011, and is the youngest winner of this award; The "self-powered wave monitoring and tsunami early warning device" developed by the company improves the accuracy of underwater pressure detection by an order of magnitude, and won the highest award of the 2019 Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions - the Gold Award of the Jury's Special Commendation.

  She has given more than 10 invited reports to international conferences. Presided over 3 national natural projects and 5 regional projects.

     She ndependently developed the technology of "catalyst activation-carbon tube growth and separation" to overcome the problems of uncontrollable carbon tube structure caused by severe turbulence and uneven temperature in macro-scale preparation, and realized The productivity of the same batch of carbon tubes has been improved by 3 orders of magnitude, and the "Ultrapure Array Carbon Tube Controllable Growth and Industrialization Team" has been approved as the team leader (2017 Peacock Team). As the chief sponsor, She successfully bid for the American Materials Society (MRS) Carbon Materials Branch (December 2015); the 2nd Advanced Functional Materials Conference (November 2018) and the 11th Asian International Conference on Nanomaterials (2021). Laboratory website: Welcome!

      Ming Xu, born in February 1981, Ph.D. in Engineering, Professor of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, selected for the National Overseas High-level Talent Youth Program (Priority Support), Hubei Province Outstanding Talent Program 2013.

      She mainly engaged in the preparation and application development of carbon nano-macro-ordered bodies. After joining Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2012, she established the "Carbon Nanomaterials Research and Development Laboratory", which established the needs of practical applications, performance-oriented, and carbon nanomaterials as the carrier. Starting from the structural design and controllable preparation of materials, the development of New ordered carbon-based functional materials and their composite materials with a clear applicati- 

on background, revealing the key scientific issues of their service in harsh environments, and realizing research ideas for subversive performance improvement. She published more than 50 SCI papers in high-level journals such as Science (2 papers), Nature Catalysis (1 paper), Nature Communications (2 papers), and 17 authorized patents (2 in the United States, 1 in Japan, and 14 in China). And she developed a series of original achievements such as a super rubber that can serve stably in the temperature range of -196~1000°C; a carbon-based adhesive material that can serve in -196 ~ 1033°C; a carbon-based high-sensitivity monitor that can serve in the marine environment; a carbon-based high-sensitivity monitor that can serve in the marine environment; high-performance carbon-based energy devices serving