1. Undergraduate teaching

Course name: Composite materials 
Teaching object: Department of material science and engineering, huazhong university of science and technology
Teaching time:
1、The first semester of the 2014~2015 academic year(3rd-10th week): 3​rd-4th class, Tuesday, D218; 3rd-4th class, Thursday, D218

2、The first semester of the 2015~2016 academic year(3rd-10th week): 3rd-4th class, Monday, C302; 5th-6th class, Wednesday, D412

3、The first semester of the 2016~2017 academic year(10th-17th week): 1st-2nd class, Monday, D110; 3rd-4th class, Wednesday, D116

4、The first semester of the 2017~2018 academic year(1st-9th week): 3rd-4th class, Monday, C313; 1st-2nd class, Wednesday, A413

5、1-4, 6-9 weeks of the first semester of the 2018-2019 school year: Monday 1-2 lessons, Wednesday 1-2 lessons Dongjiu D414

6、Summer professional social practice activities for undergraduates in the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year

7、4-8 weeks of the first semester of the 2021~2022 academic year: Tuesday, D201, Dongjiu, 3-4 classes, Thursday, D112, Dongjiu, 3-4 classes

8、8-11 weeks of the first semester of the 2021~2022 academic year: Monday D413, Dongjiu, 3-4 lessons, Wednesday, D209, Dongjiu, 5-6 lessons

Course content and reference materials:

2. Postgraduate teaching

Course name :  Advanced Functional Materials-World Beyond Carbon Nanotube  
Teaching object : Students of material science
Teaching site : The new materials building  A308
Course content and reference materials
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