Innovation leads the future -- The talent project manager of famous enterprises explains to students how to become innovative talents
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       On the evening of October 18, 2022, Professor Ming Xu from School of Materials Science and Engineering gave a lecture on Introduction to Materials Innovation and Entrepreneurship to junior students in Room F101, East 12th Teaching Building. In this course, Miss. Wu, the recruitment manager of Huawei's "Talented Youth Program", was invited to discuss and interact with the students on "the development and cultivation of innovative talents".


       First of all, Miss. Wu explained the definition of innovative talents, the requirements of enterprises for innovative talents, the evaluation and introduction of innovative talents from four aspects, including the development situation of semiconductor chips, the employment situation of semiconductor industry, the quality and training of innovative talents, and the construction of the core competitiveness of innovative talents.

       Miss. Wu mentioned that in recent years, China 's scientific and technological strength has continued to develop, attracting round after round of scientific and technological sanctions from the United States.In particular, the " New Export Controls on Advanced Computing and Semiconductor Manufacturing Items Exported to China " announced by the US Department of Commerce 's Bureau of Industry and Security ( BIS ) on October 7,2022 is another round of scientific and technological provocation in China 's related fields.Although the behavior of the United States has caused short-term pains in China 's chip industry, it is also encouraging and promoting self-improvement and innovation in related fields in China.The students of the School of Materials should play a more active role in this technological revolution, promote the bottom technology layout of China 's semiconductor industry from the perspective of raw material innovation and mechanism innovation, and realize overtaking at an early date.

       Then, starting from the actual requirements of Huawei, Miss. Wu introduced in detail the identification and evaluation mechanism of innovative talents for students.For undergraduates, enterprises value the basic quality of students and development potential ; among them, students ' course scores and participation in innovative and entrepreneurial projects are important indicators for enterprises to assess students ' comprehensive ability. For doctoral or master students who have undergone scientific research and innovation training, enterprises will evaluate the students ' innovation ability from multiple dimensions such as paper publication, number of patents applied, contribution of scientific research projects, and competition awards. Finally, Miss. Wu encouraged everyone to "enrich the achievements of innovation, exercise the ability of innovation, and cultivate the innovative thinking".

       The course was well received by the students, and the less than two hours of communication repeatedly resonated with the whole audience, with warm applause from time to time. Many students who are in the graduation season came here to communicate and interact with Professor Ming Xu and Miss. Wu. According to statistics, more than 300 people participated in this course online and offline. And the School of Materials actively introduces the model of HR joint explanation from famous enterprises to train innovative talents, which has become a popular curriculum culture among students.

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