Congratulations to Dr. Wang Yaxiong for his successful graduation
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                                                                                                Congratulations to Wang Yaxiong for successfully passing his PhD thesis defense
Due to the epidemic, Wang Yaxiong completed and passed his PhD thesis defense online on the morning of August 10, 2020. Congratulations!

The chair of this defense is Professor Shui Jianglan, and the members of the defense include Professor Lu Xing, Professor Jiang Naisheng, Professor Guo Chunxian, Professor Jia Long, Researcher Luo Wei and Professor Xu Ming. The defense secretary is Dr. Shen Wangqiang. Thank the above experts for taking the time to participate in the defense of Wang Yaxiong's doctoral thesis. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and best wishes!

Wang Yaxiong published one paper each in two authoritative journals, Small and Nano Energy, as the first author during his PhD study period (see below). Welcome everyone to read and quote.

1. Yaxiong Wang, Jing Ren, Xiang Gao, Wenjun Zhang, Huiping Duan, Min Wang, Jianglan Shui*, Ming Xu*. Self-Adaptive Electrode with SWCNT Bundles as Elastic Substrate for High-Rate and Long-Cycle-Life Lithium/ Sodium Ion Batteries. Small 14 (2018) 1802913.

2. Yaxiong Wang, Xiang Gao, Lingchang Li, Min Wang, Jianglan Shui*, Ming Xu*. High capacity K-storage operational to -40 °C by using RGO as a model anode material. Nano Energy 67 (2020) 104248.

Student Wang Yaxiong will go to Huizhou Yiwei Lithium Energy Co., Ltd. after graduating from his Ph.D. His research direction is in line with the needs of the company. I hope he can flexibly and creatively use the knowledge and skills learned during his Ph. Relevant issues to realize their own value.

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