Paul Evans, the greater China director of nature research journal visits the school of materials

On the morning of July 3, Paul Evans, leader of the greater China region of natural research, and his team paid a visit to the school of materials. Yi Li, party secretary of the school, and Ming Xu, professor of the school of materials met with Paul Evans and others in the school of materials.


Party secretary Li welcomed Paul's visit and had an in-depth talk with him. Secretary Li briefly introduced to Paul the scientific research and teaching staff of the school of materials. Paul praised the strength and achievements of our scientific research and progress in recent years. The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions and reached preliminary consensus on further cooperation in the fields of paper writing and publication training, joint holding of international conferences and promotion of scientific research achievements.


Paul and his party then visited the laboratory of professor Ming Xu's research group and communicated with members of professor Ming Xu's research group. Professor Ming Xu introduced the equipment and recent work of the research group to Paul, and Paul spoke highly of it. During the visit, summer camp members visited professor Ming Xu's laboratory. Paul also communicated with the summer camp members and briefly introduced the scientific research requirements of nature journals to the summer camp members.


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