Zhang Qifan of this research group gave a safety briefing for all the staff

      On the morning of July 5th, 2021, Zhang Qifan, a member of the research group, gave us a wonderful safety briefing.

Wilson explosion introduced from tsinghua university, the harm which emphasized the safe hidden trouble, and to introduce the famous heinrich rule, namely every 300 non-standard operation, will bring 29 small accident and a big accident, reaffirmed security a matter of no small matter, must pay attention to the details in the experiment at ordinary times, pay attention to practice,For each student, there is no probability of accidents, only zero and one, so the experiment must be carried out under the condition of ensuring safety.

      After that, Zhang led us to review the four safety colors of the laboratory, red represents forbidden, blue represents must abide by, yellow represents warning and attention, green represents safe passage, and at the end of the study, he summarized the three elements of escape in case of danger.

      Professor Xu Ming, the leader of NanoCarbon-Hust group, also reiterated the importance of safety and told the members that no matter what experiments were carried out, life, health and safety should be put in the first place.

      NanoCarbon-Hust group always attaches importance to students' safety, besides a week to do the safety briefing, daily group will also reiterated that the security problem, since the self-built group, never happened safety accident, used equipment also has the safety operation manual and laboratory training, used chemical reagents are safer, and that's what our team has been stressed, under the condition of ensuring security,Strive for scientific research and achieve the best scientific research results.