Professor Xu Ming was invited to report at the 5th International carbon materials conference and exposition
    Structural design has always been one of the ways to obtain and optimize the properties of materials and realize their application value. The same material, after different structure construction, will reflect different macro performance. One dimensional and two-dimensional nanomaterials, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and so on, have a series of excellent physical properties that other traditional materials can not match, and become the preferred research materials in many fields. Taking them as "building blocks", the performance of their combination is also determined by the structural design and construction methods between them.
   At the meeting, Professor Xu Ming demonstrated how to apply the concept of structural design to such nanostructured "building blocks" as carbon nanotubes and graphene to achieve new breakthroughs in adhesion, sensing, energy storage and extreme environments.
   Carbontech( )It is a science and technology service platform dedicated to carbon materials industry under DT new materials. With years of deep cultivation in carbon material industry, carbontech is an industrial platform for domestic scientific research institutions and enterprises in carbon material industry to communicate closely with international industry. The world carbon materials conference and Industry Exhibition (carbontech), built by carbontech platform, is one of the most important industry exhibitions in China's science and technology materials industry, and also one of the most influential carbon material industry fairs in Asia. Carbontech was founded in 2016 and has been held for four times. The number of participants from relevant fields around the world has exceeded 5000.