• Congratulations to the research team for winning a grand gold medal at the Geneva international exhibition of inventions

  •      Recently, professor Ming Xu, leader of the research team, led doctoral student zhang mengmeng and research assistant Yang chengjun to participate in the international invention exhibition in Geneva.

          Geneva international invention exhibition is one of the three big invention exhibition in the world. It was founded in 1973 by the world intellectual property organization, the Swiss federal government,etc. It is the world's oldest and largest invention exhibition, one of the world the inventor important stage, is the transformation of new and high technology "production" international platform.

         There are four levels of awards, grand gold, gold, silver and bronze.Among them, the jury special commendation gold medal is selected from the gold medal, need the unanimous approval of all members of the jury, no one voted against to get, so it is also known as the gold medal of the gold medal