Dr.Don.N.Futaba of AIST was invited to visit our group

    On April 17, 2018, Dr. Don N. Futaba from the Japan Institute of Industrial Technology (AIST) was invited to visit our research group and made an academic Rrport about "Develop super-growth of carbon nanotubes to make them become industrial  materials" in the A308 Academic Report Hall of the Advanced Manufacturing Building. Professor Xu Ming presided over the report,Associate Professor Zhang Wenjun and Professor Yuan Lixia attended the report.

    Before the report began, Professor Xu Ming gave a brief introduction to Dr. Don N. Futaba, and then announced that the report would officially begin. Dr. Don N. Futaba's report will focus on the macro-preparation and application of carbon nanotubes. The growth mechanism and growth process of carbon nanotubes are vividly and carefully described through a series of pictures. At the same time, Dr. Don N. Futaba talked about his research work experience, shared problems and solutions they encountered in the research life , and guided students how to become a good researcher. Dr. Don N. Futaba's report is very lively and vivid, and his unique presentation style explains the research prospects of carbon nanotubes for the teachers and students present. It is impressive.